Source code for pycalphad.plot.utils

The plot utils module contains some useful routines related to plotting.

import matplotlib.patches as mpatches
import numpy as np

[docs]def phase_legend(phases): """ Build matplotlib handles for the plot legend. Parameters ---------- phases : list Names of the phases. Returns ------- A tuple containing: (1) A list of matplotlib handle objects (2) A dict mapping phase names to their RGB color on the plot Examples -------- >>> legend_handles, colors = phase_legend(['FCC_A1', 'BCC_A2', 'LIQUID']) """ colorlist = {} # colors from HU1SUN, August 5 2018, ordered by igorjrd, issue #97 # exclude green and red because of their special meaning on the diagram colorvalues = [ '00538A', 'F4C800', 'F13A13', 'C10020', 'D2F300', '53377A', '7BD1EC', '232C16', 'FE4262', 'C0DE00', '704AA4', 'FFB300', '176136', '7F180D', '93AA00', '2B85EB', 'F6768E', '007D34', '803E75', '4A7C01', 'FF8E00', 'EC1840', '178D39', 'B32851', '577C23', 'A6BDD7', 'FD522B', '526B2E', '90324E', '593315', 'B6A0D4', 'FF6800', 'CEA262', '9A7CC4', '91250B', '7B3D0B', 'FF7A5C', 'C01F3D', 'D39336', '817066', '96541F', 'EB9867', 'B15106', 'EE8548', '97691C', 'DF6B10', '987155', 'C76F32', 'B37347', ] mxx = len(colorvalues) phasecount = 0 legend_handles = [] for phase in phases: phase = phase.upper() colorlist[phase] = "#"+colorvalues[np.mod(phasecount, mxx)] legend_handles.append(mpatches.Patch(color=colorlist[phase], label=phase)) phasecount = phasecount + 1 return legend_handles, colorlist