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This module defines valid Thermo-Calc TDB keywords and handles abbreviations.
Note that not all of these keywords are fully supported yet.

import re

# Reference: Thermo-Calc Database Manager's Guide
TDB_KEYWORDS = sorted([

# Reference: Thermo-Calc Console Mode Command Reference, Version 4.1
TDB_COMMANDS = sorted([

# Reference: Thermo-Calc Console Mode Command Reference, Version 4.1

TDB_PARAM_TYPES = sorted([
    # Gibbs energy parameters
    'G',      # Gibbs energy
    'L',      # Excess Gibbs energy
    # Physical model parameters
    'TC',     # Curie temperature
    'NT',     # Neel temperature
    'BMAGN',  # Bohr magneton number
    'GD',     # Gibbs energy difference between liquid and amorphous states
    'THETA',  # Einstein temperature (log)
    # Molar volume parameters
    'V0',     # Molar volume at STP
    'VA',     # Integrated thermal expansivity
    'VC',     # High-pressure fitting parameter
    'VK',     # Isothermal compressibility
    # Property model parameters
    'VISC',   # Viscosity, RT*log(viscosity)
    'ELRS',   # Electric resistivity
    'THCD',   # Thermal Conductivity
    'SIGM',   # Surface tension of a liquid endmember
    'XI',     # Surface tension dampening factor for a constituent
    # Mobility parameters
    'MQ',     # Activation enthalpy for mobility
    'MF',     # Pre-exponential factor for mobility
    'DQ',     # Activation enthalpy for diffusivity
    'DF',     # Pre-expontential factor for diffusivity
    'VS',     # Volume per mole of volume-carrying species

[docs]def expand_keyword(possible, candidate): """ Expand an abbreviated keyword based on the provided list. Parameters ---------- possible : list of str Possible keywords for 'candidate' to be matched against. candidate : str Abbreviated keyword to expand. Returns ------- list of str of matching expanded keywords Examples -------- None yet. """ # Rewritten to escape each token in the split string, instead of the input # The reason is that Python 2.7 will escape underscore characters candidate_pieces = [re.escape(x) for x in \ candidate.upper().replace('-', '_').split('_')] pattern = r'^' pattern += r'[^_\s]*_'.join(candidate_pieces) pattern += r'[^\s]*$' matches = [re.match(pattern, pxd) for pxd in possible] matches = [m.string for m in matches if m is not None] if len(matches) == 0: raise ValueError('{0} does not match {1}'.format(candidate, possible)) return matches