Source code for pycalphad.plot.binary

The binary module enables plotting of binary isobaric phase diagrams.
import numpy as np

from pycalphad import equilibrium
import pycalphad.variables as v
from pycalphad.plot.eqplot import eqplot

[docs]def binplot(dbf, comps, phases, conds, eq_kwargs=None, **plot_kwargs): """ Calculate the binary isobaric phase diagram. This function is a convenience wrapper around equilibrium() and eqplot(). Parameters ---------- dbf : Database Thermodynamic database containing the relevant parameters. comps : list Names of components to consider in the calculation. phases : list Names of phases to consider in the calculation. conds : dict Maps StateVariables to values and/or iterables of values. For binplot only one changing composition and one potential coordinate each is supported. eq_kwargs : optional Keyword arguments to equilibrium(). plot_kwargs : optional Keyword arguments to eqplot(). Returns ------- A phase diagram as a figure. Examples -------- None yet. """ eq_kwargs = eq_kwargs if eq_kwargs is not None else dict() indep_comp = [key for key, value in conds.items() if isinstance(key, v.Composition) and len(np.atleast_1d(value)) > 1] indep_pot = [key for key, value in conds.items() if (type(key) is v.StateVariable) and len(np.atleast_1d(value)) > 1] if (len(indep_comp) != 1) or (len(indep_pot) != 1): raise ValueError('binplot() requires exactly one composition and one potential coordinate') indep_comp = indep_comp[0] indep_pot = indep_pot[0] full_eq = equilibrium(dbf, comps, phases, conds, **eq_kwargs) return eqplot(full_eq, x=indep_comp, y=indep_pot, **plot_kwargs)